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Sunday Jan 25th

from 1-2 pm
Starts outside DTES Women Centre
302 Columbia Street, corner Cordova
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All (including men) welcome!

Significant street sweeps have been occurring in the DTES from increased and
aggressive ticketing for things like jaywalking to complete gentrification
of Pigeon Park. Leading upto the 2010 Olympics, such measures are meant to
‘cleanse’ the neighbourhood and to intimidate DTES residents. We are
standing together to show that we will not be scared- stand for the DTES!

* See article:

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Organized by the DTES Women Centre Power of Women Group: We are a group of
women from all walks of life who are either on social assistance, working
poor, or homeless; but we are all living in extreme poverty and are
dedicated to raising our voices and raising awareness about social issues in
our communities. Many us of are single mothers or have had our children
apprehended due to poverty; most of us have chronic physical or mental
health issues for example HIV and Hepatitis C; many have drug or alcohol
addictions; and a majority have experienced and survived sexual violence and
mental, physical, spiritual , and emotional abuse. For indigenous women, we
are affected by a legacy of the effects of residential schools and a history
of colonization and racism.

For more information, contact or call 604 681 8480 x 234.


Next Economics Class January 28 at 7:30

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At the economics class Tuesday January 13th we decided to have the next class, which will be on January 28 at 7:30, on Keynesianism and its possible
application to current policies.

Readings can be downloaded at:

Sweezy, Magdoff: Listen, Keynesianns!

Crisis of Neoliberal Capitalism Ingo Schmidt

For Location or more information call Ian at 778-554-2730 or email Vancouver_socialist_forum@yahoo,com


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Saturday Jan 17, 2009 Starts at 0130 PM

13428 Old Yale Rd accross from the King George Sky Train Station

Coordinators: Tarik Kyani 604-722-9378

Farooq Chaudhry (Director PCCA) 778-668-2290

On January 10, 2009 Canadian local Muslim Community members gathered in a forum to discuss the current situation in Gaza. The statement was issued by the forum hosted by Dr. Muzafar Syed and Pakistani Canadian Cultural Association of BC. The majority passed the resolution if the aggression will not stop immediately then a peace rally would be initiated in Surrey next week. Islamic scholar Molana Nomani recited a prayer for Gaza victims.

Media Release

“We urge the government of Canada to play a positive role in saving the lives of innocent civilians. We also appeal to the Canadian government and international community to use their influence to force Israeli government to resume the UN humanitarian relief. We strongly condemn the Israeli attack in Gaza and appeal for cessation of hostilities and violence, which has caused immense loss of precious lives. These attacks are in violation of the UN Charter and also are counter-productive. We urge the international community to promote a peaceful, just and durable settlement of the issue of Palestine”.

Tanvir Chaudhry (General Secretary PCCA).

Click on the link below to view pictures


When: Saturday, January 17, 2009 at 1:30pm – 4:00pm

Where: Holland Park, 13428 Old Yale Rd, Surrey right Across the King George Sky Train Station

Please come out this Saturday January 17th to join with the diverse communities in Surrey who are organizing a rally in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Gaza. With the ground invasion starting this week and a growing number of fatalities, our ongoing support for the people of Palestine – along with millions of other people of conscience worldwide – is critical.

This rally is being organized by a network of organizations based in Surrey including Pakistani Canadian Cultural Association, Pakistan Canada Association, Gateway Islamic Centre, Fijiyan Community Center, and BC Muslims Association, with the support of the network of Vancouver-based Palestine solidarity groups that have organized the past three rallies. Let us strengthen our resistance from Vancouver to Surrey to demonstrate our outrage and collective humanity in response to the latest massacre of Palestinians.
Contact us:

Tarik Kiani: 604-722-9378 & Farooq Chaudhry: 778-668-2290 (Director PCCA)

Any director from Pakistani Canadian Cultural Association, web link for contact info:

Surrey Rally endorsed by,

Pakistani Canadian Cultural Association
Pakistan Canada Association
World Islamic Mission
Fiji Islamic Center
Gateway Islamic center
BC Muslim Association
Professor Mohan Singh Foundation
Ayesha Islamic Center
Gosia Foundation
International Muslim Academy of Canada
Islamic Supreme Council of BC
Canadian Muslim Alliance
Al-Hadaya International AICP

Community Activists

Malik Mohammad Afzal
Mr. Jatoi
Rachid Arab
Saleem Khan
Intikhab Ahmed
Jameel Ahmed
Nadeem Zia
Waqar Ahmed Jan

many others are also contacting us, list will be updated accordingly.

Over thousand showed last Saturday at Vancouver Art Gallery and nearly 1000 people have came out in the midst of snowstorms on Monday Dec 29th and January 3rd to show our solidarity with the people of Gaza. With the ground invasion starting this week and a growing number of fatalities, our ongoing support for the people of Palestine – along with millions of other people of conscience worldwide – is critical.

Demonstrations across Canada this weekend were held in Winnipeg, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Windsor, London, Hamilton, as well as Montreal and Toronto where 10,000 people gathered in each city. With further actions being planned globally, please come out for a 3rd rally (rain, snow or shine!) to demonstrate your outrage and our collective humanity in response to the latest massacre of Palestinians.

The latest crisis is the single largest massacre in Gaza since Israel illegally occupied Gaza in 1967, many among the dead are civilians and children and the numbers keeps mounting. Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, has stated that, “the operation will last as long as necessary”. Israel’s latest massacre in Gaza occurs with official US and Canadian complicity towards Israel’s illegal siege and ongoing sanctions over the civilian population in Gaza. Over the past two years the Gaza Strip has been undergoing the daily violence of a wide-ranging humanitarian catastrophe triggered by severely reduced access to energy, food, and medicines.

1) Email the prime minister, foreign affairs minister, and leaders of the opposition. Visit:

2) Respond to biased media coverage. Visit to send sample emails to the BBC, CNN, and Fox News regarding their biased coverage and use those template letters to send to Canadian media outlets.

VANCOUVER RALLY ENDORSING ORGANIZATIONS: Adala – Arab Justice Committee, Al-Awda – Vancouver, BC Muslim Association, Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign, Canadian Arab Federation – National, Canada Palestine Association – Vancouver, Canadians Against War, Canadian Islamic, Congress BC, Canadian Muslim Union, Canpalnet, Code Pink Women, for Peace (local chapter), Communist Party of Canada, DTES Elders Council, Independent Jewish Voices (Canada), Indigenous Action Movement, International Solidarity Movement, Interfaith Summer Institute for Justice, Peace and Social Movements. Iranian Centre for Peace Freedom and Social Justice, Jews for a Just Peace – Vancouver, Muslim Canadian Federation – Vancouver, No One Is Illegal-Vancouver, Palestinian Islamic League – Canada, Salaam –Vancouver, Siraat Collective, Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights – UBC, South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy, Stop War Coalition, Students for a Democratic Society (UBC), Teaching Support Staff Union’s Social Justice Committee, The Organizing Centre for Social and Economic Justice, Vancouver Socialist Forum, Vancouver Catholic Worker, Voice of Palestine – Vancouver, WE ARE CHANGE – VANCOUVER, The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), Young Communist League, Anti Poverty Committee, Pakistan Canada Association, Pakistani Canadian Cultural Association.