Picket the Liberal Convention against war and the CCFTA (2 events)

In events on April 29, 2009 at 3:59 pm

Thursday April 30: Canada out of Afghanistan!

Join us as we carry banners and hand out leaflets to remind Canadians of Ignatieff’s record, and to demand an end to the war in Afghanistan.

Thursday, April 30
11:30am to 1:30pm
outside the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre
(Canada Place Way, between Howe and Burrard)

Organized by

The Liberal Party of Canada carries a heavy responsibility for this country’s ongoing role in the occupation of Afghanistan. It was the Liberals who sent Canadian troops to war, and it was the Liberals who supported Harper’s extension of the war until the end of 2011.

Michael Ignatieff, the new Liberal leader, played a key role in pushing the party to vote for extending the war, just as prior to his entry into Canadian politics he was an advocate of the Bush administration’s illegal invasion of Iraq and their repeated encroachments on civil liberties.

Ignatieff: Wrong on Iraq, Wrong on Torture, Wrong on Afghanistan and Palestine…


Friday May 1: Free Trade with Colombia? WE SAY NO!

*The Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement can only pass with Liberal support.*

Colombia’s popular movements say NO to an FTA with Canada. It’s our turn to stand up and fight back!

Come out to the Federal Liberal Convention to let the Liberals know that WE SAY NO to a Free Trade deal with a murderous regime.

Friday May 1st
12 noon
1055 Canada Place

(at the new Vancouver Convention Centre)

Bring noisemakers!

http://canadacolombiaproject. blogspot. com


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